• Wool poufs

Moroccan woolen pouf is a beautiful and practical element of interior design, which can be used as a seat, footstool or an interesting decorative element of the room.

It is not only a beautiful and practical piece of furniture, but also a symbol of traditional culture and craftsmanship.

Woolen poufs are unique and original, which makes them ideally suited to various types of interiors, both classic and modern.

They can be arranged in the bedroom, living room, children's room, but also in the garden or on the terrace.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find out what you can fill your pouf with and why it is sold without filling.

What can you fill a pouffe with and why is it sold without filling?

Originally, poufs were filled with wool. 

Nowadays, with the ever-increasing cost of this raw material, the price of a pouffe with wool filling would be very high (we would need an additional about 72 liters of wool). 

In order to keep the price affordable, poufs are already sold only to be filled by themselves.

You can fill the pouffe in many different ways, we will present you with just a few of them:

  • Fabric scraps, clothes or other textiles - we don't mean clothes or textiles that you use every day. Just those that are damaged, torn or have been lingering in your closet for a long time and you don't know what to do with them. From now on you can use them to fill your new pouf,
  • Spare pillows, quilts, blankets and the like - everyone has them at home. Fill your pouffe with them and free up extra storage space,
  • Ready-made fillers - here we primarily recommend natural ones such as buckwheat hulls or cherry seeds. They are not only affordable, but also have health-promoting properties.