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Wool rugs effectively protect the floor against dirt and damage, and thanks to their insulating properties they protect against cold and noise.

They will be an ideal element of the hallway, bedroom or kitchenette.

Berbere wool rugs are made of natural sheep wool, which is soft, pleasant to the touch and very durable. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, so they can be adapted to any type of room.

Wool rugs are an ideal solution for people who value high quality and elegant appearance of their home. In addition, thanks to their insulating properties, woolen rugs protect against cold and noise, which increases the comfort of residents.

Because wool has a natural resistance to dirt and dust, wool rugs are easy to clean. On a daily basis, regular vacuuming is enough for them. They are practical and functional, which makes them an ideal choice for those looking for products that combine elegant appearance and high quality workmanship.

Boujaad wool rugs are handknotted rugs with a long and narrow shape that originate from the Boujaad region in the central part of Morocco.

They are characterized by a unique, colorful design referring to the culture and beliefs of the Amazigh community.

They are handwoven by Amazigh women, who use traditional weaving techniques to give the carpets a unique character. The colors and forms used create effective and harmonious compositions.

The characteristic colors seen on the sidewalks are pink, purple, orange, red and blue. These vibrant colors, combined with neutral shades, make them the perfect choice for those looking for carpets with a unique and fashionable design.