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If you are looking for a unique hand-knotted rug, made only of natural materials and dyes, which will complement your interior and give it a unique character, you are in the perfect place.

We import and sell hand-knotted Moroccan wool rugs, rugs and pouffes. All our carpets are handmade by Amazigh women living in rural parts of Morocco, located in the Atlas Mountains.

Each of the carpets is available in only one copy, and the process of weaving it took from a few to several weeks.

By buying our carpet, you not only receive a product of the highest quality, but also help to preserve the weaving traditions cultivated in Morocco for years.

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Wool rug Diamond
Wool rug Diamond
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Learn about all the benefits of wool carpets:

  • is characterized by high durability, Berber carpets serve many generations, and the most valuable are those created several decades ago,

  • is easy to maintain - you can find more information on the care of Berber rugs here,

  • has heat-insulation properties – its pile shrinks and expands under the influence of temperature, so it has the ability to self-regulate, in winter it protects against cold, and in summer – from heat,

  • wool has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, eliminates the conditions for the development of dust mites, and the wax contained in the skin of sheep (lanolin) is a natural antiseptic – weakens bacteria and viruses,

  • has hygroscopic properties – the ability to absorb and evaporate water,

  • wool does not absorb odors,

  • neutralizes harmful substances in the air and what absorbs the negatively acting electro-smog produced by electrical devices,

  • wool is a flame-retardant material, much safer than the ubiquitous polyester, also popular in the production of carpets,

  • wool carpet is very resilient, which means that if you put a heavy piece of furniture on it, the resulting indentations will return to their original shape after some time,

  • wool is a natural fiber, and carpets made from it, especially Berber carpets, for which natural dyes were used, are an ecological product.