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We import and sell unique Berber carpets, woven by hand in one of the Amazigh tribes living in the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

We believe that after years of mass production and excessive consumerism, the time has come to appreciate:
  • traditional craftsmanship,
  • natural materials and dyes,
  • items produced with respect for the environment,
  • conscious, sustainable consumption.
We want to discover for you a world where time has stopped and the above values are cherished like nowhere else.

Close to our heart is the idea of Zero Waste, that's why you won't find hundreds of products languishing in warehouses. We source our carpets on a regular basis, taking into account the needs of our customers and partners, and when sending them to you we use biodegradable or recycled materials.

We work with local weaving cooperatives from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. By avoiding middlemen, we are sure of where our carpets come from and where they are made.

The story goes that when the Berbers first arrived in the Atlas Mountains, and they came from hot desert regions, the women quickly realized that their children's feet were freezing and took to weaving carpets to keep them warm. This is how the tradition of carpet weaving was established, passed down from generation to generation and preserved to this day.Moroccan tribal culture is extremely diverse.

The Atlas Mountains are home to countless tribes, each with its own tradition and style of weaving. The different styles of carpets are specific to a particular geographic area, and are named after the region in which they were created.

We believe that, like us, you will fall in love with these beautiful designs and craftsmanship, and the rugs you purchase from us will become part of your history as well.