• Boujaad rugs

Boujaad carpets owe their name to the Boujaad region located in the mountains of the middle Atlas. It is from there that we bring our carpets, cooperating with local weavers.

These carpets are characterized by very rich colors, design and tribal symbolism. Their bristles are shorter and more "flat".

Like other Barberry carpets, Boujaad carpets are entirely made by hand, maintaining traditional weaving techniques, and only natural dyes are used to obtain colorful colors.

Boujaad is a town and region located in central Morocco, about 90 kilometers southeast of the country's capital Rabat.

The region is famous for its hand-woven Boujaad carpets, which are prized for their rich, colorful designs and high quality.

Boujaad is where Morocco's indigenous Amazigh people, commonly referred to as Berbers, have passed down the art of hand-woven carpet weaving for centuries. Much of the region's population is involved in rug making, using natural materials such as Atlas sheep wool and natural dyes such as henna and indigo.

Boujaad rugs are prized by art and design lovers around the world, and their distinctive designs and colors are a popular choice for those looking for unique rugs. Their prices depend on the quality of the materials used and the complexity of the design.

In addition to hand-woven carpets, the Boujaad region is also famous for other artisanal products such as ceramics, textiles and jewelry. The region is also known for its beautiful landscape, with ravines and mountains that attract hikers and sightseeing enthusiasts.