• Carpet on request

Didn't find a rug on our site that you're particularly interested in?
No problem! 

Tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to find your dream rug! 

Write to us at hello@berbere.pl and provide us with the most important information, such as:
- approximate dimension of the rug,
- the type of rug if it is important to you, e.g. Beni Mrirt, Beni Ourain, Boujaad, etc.,
- the color scheme you like,
- patterns you like,
- Any other information that you think will help us find your dream carpet!

Remember to include your phone number, which will make it easier for us to contact you.
After receiving your message we will contact you to discuss the details and next steps!

In Morocco, we work with several local weaving cooperatives and seamstresses so we have access to a myriad of carpets. 
We believe that we are able to find yours as well!