• Morrocan wool carpet Dunes 1.64/2.60 m

Hand-woven Moroccan wool rug Dunes

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Moroccan wool rug Dunes - a beautiful addition to your interior

The hand-knotted Moroccan wool rug Wydmy is the essence of Moroccan artistic craftsmanship. It offers not only a breathtaking design, but also solid workmanship and extraordinary durability in use. Made of very high quality sheep wool, this hand-knotted rug is made to last for many years of heavy use. Thanks to its durability, you can be sure that it will be a decoration of your home for many years. Sheep's wool is also very soft and pleasant to the touch, which makes using this rug a pure pleasure.

Stylish design and unparalleled pattern

The original pattern of the Moroccan Dunes rug catches the eye and adds elegance to any room. Light brown, flowing into a golden color, gives it a warm and cozy character, perfectly matching both modern and classic interior design. Additional details in the form of black give it a subtle touch of luxury and contrast with the neutral, light color of natural wool - creating a harmonious whole. The universal dimensions of the rug make it perfect for both larger living rooms and smaller bedrooms or offices.

Handmade production and long-standing weaving traditions

Each of the Berber rugs that you will find in the berbere.pl store has its own unique story and is the result of the work of talented Amazigh women, weaving and world-famous wool rugs. Techniques passed down from generation to generation are transformed into beautiful designs, thanks to which you have a chance to have a real work of applied art in your home! Each piece of this rug was created in the minds of talented Moroccan weavers who, with true craftsmanship, loop by loop, transfer the images created in their heads to the looms.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 1.64 m

Length - 2.60 m

+ tassels on both sides of the rug.

Main color light undyed wool, shades of brown
Secondary color black
Size about 1.5 / 2.5 m
Material sheep wool