• Morrocan wool carpet Amazigh 1.10/1.47 m

Hand-woven Moroccan wool carpet Azilal type

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Moroccan Wool Rug Amazigh 1.10/1.47 m

Moroccan carpets are known worldwide for their unique design and craftsmanship traditions that date back hundreds of years. This unique Moroccan Amazigh wool rug is a combination of unique design and high-quality workmanship that will delight every lover of oriental art.

The colors of this carpet are a true tribute to nature and the traditions of the Amazygean culture. The main color is natural, undyed light wool, which gives the interior subtlety and elegance. In addition, black accents and shades of red, orange, pink and green have been woven in, creating a harmonious mosaic of colors that inspire the creation of an exotic interior design.

Made of sheep's wool, the rug not only looks beautiful in any room, but also provides a pleasant feeling underfoot thanks to its softness and durability of the material. Its dimensions of about 1.0 / 1.5 meters make it fit perfectly into the living room, bedroom or study - adding character and exclusivity to them.

Azilal carpets reflect the region of Morocco responsible for producing these hand-knotted masterpieces of applied art. Every detail of this Moroccan Amazigh rug carries a story passed down through generations of weavers - making it not only an interior decoration, but also a valuable piece of material culture worth collecting.

A refined taste of the Orient

If you're looking for more than just mass-market interior accessories, our unique rugs straight from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco will spectacularly change the way you think about interior design. Embrace uniqueness and unmistakable style with our unique hand-knotted rugs that date back hundreds of years. 

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 1.10 m

Length - 1.47 m

+ tassels on both sides of the rug

Main color light undyed wool
Secondary color black, shades of green, shades of orange, shades of pink, shades of red
Size about 1.0 / 1.5 m
Material sheep wool
Carpet type Azilal