• Moroccan Wool Rug Waterfall 0.86/1.74 m

Small maroccan rug, Bojaad type

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Classic of Moroccan craftsmanship - Boujaad carpet

Moroccan Boujaad carpets reflect the richness of the region's culture and traditions. The Waterfall rug is a true work of applied art, which will enrich any interior with its unique design and colors. It was made of sheep's wool, which guarantees durability and resistance to daily use. Its size of 0.86/1.74 m makes it perfect both as a centerpiece of the living room and a decorative addition to the bedroom.

Practicality and aesthetics

The Boujaad Waterfall rug is small in size, making it ideal for a variety of home spaces - it can be an elegant addition to the living room, a warm covering for the guest room floor or an interesting addition to the kitchenette. Its multicolored appearance gives it versatility and ease of fitting into an existing interior design without the need for extensive renovation or a change in decor style.

Impressive details

Natural sheep's wool is a material that is not only highly durable, but also pleasant to the touch and naturally insulates heat - so this rug will also be great as a decorative piece during the colder months of the year. It delights with a layer of history encapsulated in a modern formula of contemporary design.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 0.86 m

Length - 1.74 m

+ fringes located on both sides of the carpet.

Main color multicolour
Size about 1.0 / 1.5 m
Material sheep wool
Carpet type Boujaad