• Premium carpets

The category of premium carpets is the highest quality group of products available in our store. They are distinguished by exceptional design, careful workmanship and the highest quality of materials used.

In the category of premium carpets you can find, among others, the well-known and highly regarded Beni Mrirt carpets, characterized by high density and exceptional softness and fluffiness achieved by repeated washing and brushing of carpets.

Moroccan rugs are known around the world for their unique style, distinctive designs and high quality.

In the category of premium carpets, among hand-woven Moroccan carpets you can find many unique and beautiful models that stand out from other carpets.

Premium rugs, like other Berber rugs, are woven by hand from a natural fiber such as sheep's wool. The resulting rugs are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Hand-weaving also ensures exceptional care and precision, which translates into a high quality product.