• Morrocan wool carpet Beni Mrirt Arctic 2.0 / 3.0 m

Hand-woven Moroccan wool carpet available for pre-order.

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Delightful hand-woven Moroccan rug by Beni Mrirt

Beni Mrirt rugs are the absolute essence of Moroccan craftsmanship - handmade from the highest quality undyed light colored sheep's wool. The 2.0 by 3.0 meter dimension makes it a perfect fit for larger spaces. With its timeless, elegant design, you will be sure that the Benir Mrirt rug will never go out of style, bringing elegance to your interior.

Long-lasting creation process and the highest quality wool

Each Beni Mrirt rug is special and unique, thanks to the fact that it is created through a process of long-term handwork by female artists from North Africa. The process of hand-weaving such a rug takes about 10 weeks, to which must be added additional weeks for the extremely important ritual of repeatedly washing and brushing the rug, which gives the wool its exceptional softness. 

An elegant and durable addition to your home

The Beni Mrirt wool rug is not only a beautiful and luxurious decorative element, but also an investment in the high quality and functionality of the product. Sheep's wool is soft to the touch, providing pleasure of use for many years without reducing its aesthetics or durability. Thanks to the double knotting method, Beni Mrirt carpets are exceptionally dense and compact y which further contributes to their exceptional durability.

Internationally known and appreciated premium Beni Mrirt carpets

Beni Mrirt carpets are the finest of all Moroccan carpets. The largest amount of wool is used in the weaving process, which, thanks to the painstaking process of washing and brushing, acquires an exceptional softness.

The Beni Mrirt Triangles rug is a true work of wearable art. Timeless design, traditional craftsmanship and high quality wool make it a top quality product that will serve you for years to come

Dimensions of the rug:

Width - 2.0 m

Length - 3.0 m

Main color light undyed wool
Size about 2.0 / 3.0 m
Material sheep wool
Carpet type Beni Mrirt