• Moroccan wool rug Spring II 1.66/2.44 m

Moroccan wool carpet in size 1.66/2.44 m

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Move to Morocco with a handknotted Berbere rug

Imagine walking into your home and immediately feeling the warmth and exoticism of distant Morocco. This is possible thanks to the handknotted rug by Berbere, which not only decorates your interior, but also tells the story of tradition and passion.

A story that every weave tells

Each weave of this carpet is hours of work by experienced Moroccan craftswomen who put their whole heart into it. Hand-weaving is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation, and each carpet is a unique piece that is created out of love for tradition and beauty.

Colors that will light up your life

Take a look at this rug - its intense, colorful patterns are reminiscent of the bustling Moroccan bazaars, full of aromatic spices, juicy fruit and handmade products. These colors will enliven any interior, giving it energy and joy.

Natural wool that caresses your senses

The wool from which the rug is made is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is a natural material that not only brings comfort to your home, but is also environmentally friendly. Every day you will enjoy the warmth and softness that this unique Berber rug offers.

A unique element of your interior

A Berbere rug is more than just a decoration – it is an expression of your style and personality. Its abstract patterns and vibrant colors make any room more expressive and full of character. It is the perfect choice for those who want to bring a bit of exotic magic and color into their lives.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 1.66 m

Length - 2.44 m

+ tassels on both sides of the rug.

Main color multicolour
Size about 1.5 / 2.5 m
Material sheep wool