• Moroccan wool rug Oasis 1.56/2.70 m

Moroccan wool rug Oasis 1.56/2.70 m

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Discover the magic of Morocco with the Oasis carpet – your personal haven of relaxation and beauty

This handknotted Moroccan rug is not just a decorative piece, but a true work of art that will transform your interior into a space full of peace and harmony.

Elegant design inspired by Moroccan tradition

The Oasis rug combines minimalist patterns and warm, neutral tones that evoke the serene desert landscapes of Morocco. Its harmonious, geometric patterns will add a modern and elegant touch to any room.

Enter the world of mysterious Morocco

When you place your feet on this unique carpet, you will be transported in time and space to the heart of the sun, scented with the spices of Morocco. Feel every weave under your fingers and think of the hands of the talented women who created it. It's not just a carpet – it's a piece of the world and Moroccan weaving traditions that you can have in your home.

Order now and start creating your own home story

Don't wait. Add a handknotted Berbere Moroccan rug to your interior and let it tell its story. Every day will become special when you surround yourself with the beauty and tradition that this beautiful rug will bring to your life.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 1.56 m

Length - 2.70 m

+ fringes on both sides of the carpet.

Main color light undyed wool, shades of brown, shades of pink, shades of yellow
Secondary color shades of blue, shades of pink
Size about 1.5 / 2.5 m
Material sheep wool