• Medium carpets

Moroccan wool rugs in the size of about 1,5 by 2,5 m. Ideal for most rooms, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, children's room or teenager's room. They come in many patterns and colors.

  • Parameters

The category of medium carpets includes a wide selection of carpets with sizes suitable for almost any interior.

These rugs catch the eye with their beauty and unique designs. Each rug has been made by talented Moroccan artisans who use natural sheep's wool with great care and precision to create durable and beautiful works of art.

Moroccan rugs in our collection are distinguished by a wealth of designs, such as traditional Berber motifs, geometric patterns inspired by Moroccan architecture, as well as abstract and modern compositions. Each rug is unique and has its own story, reflecting the richness of Moroccan culture.


By choosing a medium-sized rug, you give yourself the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere in your interior. These rugs are ideal for both spacious living and dining rooms, separating zones in the room, as well as for slightly smaller living rooms or bedrooms adding warmth, texture and unique character.

Handmade and high quality are key elements of our rugs. Thanks to the precision and care put in by our craftsmen, you are assured of receiving an exceptional product that will last for many years.