• Boujaad carpet Marrakech 2.00/3.00 m

Hand-woven, woolen Boujaad carpet with interesting, bright colors

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Eye-catching Moroccan carpet by Boujaad Marrakech

Boujaad carpets are internationally acclaimed works of applied art, entirely handmade by the Amazigh women of the region of the same name. Made entirely of natural sheep's wool, this handknotted rug will not only add a unique touch to your interior, but will also provide durability for many years. Its dimensions are about 2.0 by 3.0 meters - ideal for larger rooms such as the living room or dining room.

Striking colour combination

The distinguishing feature of this exotic rug are intense shades of red and pink, interspersed with geometric patterns in shades of cobalt blue and orange. The combination of these colors gives it an oriental character that will give any room a new life. The spot colours contrast perfectly with the main colours to create a harmonious whole.

The beauty of handicraft tradition

Thanks to the careful work of Moroccan weavers, every detail of this carpet reflects the mountain handicraft traditions. The typical Boujaad colours, precision and unique design are inspired by the history and culture of the Boujaad region in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It's not just an addition to your home - it's a work of art that brings with it history and excitement.

Choose the quality of sheep's wool

This unique rug is made of soft yarn sourced from local sheep - a material valued for its durability and resistance to damage. Sheep's wool also has thermoregulatory properties, so it provides a feeling of warmth underfoot even on colder days.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 2 m

Length - 3 m

+ fringes on both sides of the carpet.

Main color shades of pink, shades of red
Secondary color black, shades of blue
Size about 2.0 / 3.0 m
Material sheep wool
Carpet type Boujaad