• Boujaad carpet Fauna 1.46 / 2.74 m

Hand-woven Moroccan Boujaad Fauna rug

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Colorful hand-woven wool Fauna carpet

It is the perfect choice for lovers of bold color combinations. It will be a perfect addition to your interior, becoming the focal point of any room it is placed in.

Made of high-quality sheep's wool, the Fauna rug is not only beautiful to the eye, but also very durable. Extremely soft to the touch, the wool will provide the perfect experience when stepping on it.

Exceptional, unique design

If you are looking for something unique and intriguing, the Boujaad Fauna Rug will be the perfect choice. Whether you want to complement a minimalist interior or create an eclectic space, this rug will give it a unique touch.

Universal size

The carpet fits perfectly into most interiors. Its versatile dimensions make it easy to arrange in the living room, bedroom or dining room. No matter where you decide to place it, Boujaad Fauna rug, you will enjoy your eye for years.

High quality material

Made of natural sheep's wool, the Boujaad Fauna rug is an excellent example of quality and durability. Sheep's wool is known for its stain resistance and ability to stay clean for many years. In addition, it exhibits insulating properties and gives the interior a homely warmth and coziness. You can be sure that this rug will serve you for many years.

Carpet dimensions:

Width - 1.47 m

Lenght - 2.70 m + tassels

Tassels are located on both sides of the carpet.

Important information:

The natural property of wool carpets is their molting (dusting), which is described in more detail at the link below .

Main color multicolour
Size about 1.5 / 2.5 m
Material sheep wool
Carpet type Boujaad